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Simple Wiki App built on the Frappe Framework


Wiki is an Open Source WIki Management App built on the Frappe Framework. It is well suited to serve dynamic text-heavy content like documentation and knowledge bases. It allows publishing small changes and even new pages on the fly with no deployments. It also maintains revision history and has a built-in approval mechanism to stay away from unwanted updates. It intelligently caches and has a very low load time even with lots of pages (Check docs.erpnext.com ). Wiki provides a dynamic sidebar that can be edited via dragging and dropping and configuration. You can install Wiki on your self-hosted installation of Frappe via Bench or install it on Frappe Cloud.


  1. Create Wiki Pages

  2. Author content in Rich Text

  3. Wiki Spaces

  4. Set-up Controlled Wiki Updates

  5. Add attachments

  6. Table of Contents

  7. Caching

  8. Custom Script Support via Wiki Settings

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