There are multiple different sharing states a file or folder can be. Global Access and Explicit Access. And for now there are two main access levels that can be granted, namely "Can View" and "Can Edit".

Permissions of a folder always flow downward unto the files and folders under it. So it's a better workflow to share and work together in shared folders.

It is not recommended to use the default Frappe administrator account in Frappe Drive

Global Access

This is a general, non-explicit way to grant other people access. Global access holds less priority than explicit access. So if you share a file with your entire organization with "Can View" access and add a few users manually with "Can Edit" access. The manually granted access for those users will always be prioritized.

Public Access

Exposes your file to the internet and lets other people outside your organization to access it.

Organization Access

Shares your file with everyone who has an account on your site. Currently, Frappe Drive assumes each site belongs to one organization. (This may be subject to change). So, organization access will allow you to collaborate with everyone in your organization.

Restricted Access

No general access rules are valid when a file or folder is restricted. All explicitly set sharing rules are still valid. Such as sharing with other users or groups.

Explicit Access

You can use explicit access to share a file with a specific user or a subset of users via user groups. Currently, you can only give explicit access to users who have access to your site and already have a valid account.

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