An instructor is a teacher, tutor, or a professor that will be responsible for teaching a particular topic or course to the students.

This document can be used to maintain the Instructor Log in the form of a list of topics/courses covered by the Instructor. This log will have the entire history of the courses taught by the Instructor.

To access the instructor list, go to:

> Home > Education > Masters > Instructor

1. Prerequisites

Before creating an instructor, it is advisable to first create the following:

  1. Employee

  2. Department

  3. Academic Year

  4. Academic Term

  5. Program

  6. Course

  7. Student Group

2. How to create an Instructor

  1. Click on New Instructor.

  2. Select the Employee ID/Employee Name for the Instructor.

  3. Select the Department for which you are creating an Instructor.

  4. Save.

3. Features

3.1. Instructor Log

  • Academic Year: The Academic Year for which the Instructor is created.

  • Academic Term: The Academic Term for which the Instructor is created.

  • Department: The department to which the Instructor belongs to.

  • Program: The Program for which the Instructor Log is being made.

  • Course: The course for which the Instructor Log is being made.

  • Student Group: The Student Group for which the user is making the Instructor Log.

  • Other Details: Any other details regarding the Instructor Log can be recorded here.

3.2. After Submitting

Once the Instructor and Instructor Log is saved, you can create the following from there:

  1. Student Group

  2. Course Schedule

  3. Assessment Plan

> Note: While creating an Assessment Plan from the Instructor, the user can select whether the Instructor has to be kept as a Supervisor or as an Examiner for the Assessment plan.

4. Video Tutorial for Instructor

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