Education Domain

Whether you are running a B-School, an Academy or even a Primary School, the ERPNext Education Module helps you in organizing your entire set-up. You can have your entire Student Database, Fee Structure, Staffing Information, Courses, Curriculum, all defined in ERPNext.

We also understand that an Educational Institute needs a lot more than a simple 'Education Module', and ERPNext has all of it available built-in. You can:

  • Track your books of accounts using Accounts module.

  • Manage payroll, leaves, and claims of your admin and teaching staff in the HR module.

  • Organize your purchases and place an approval system.

Here are the functionalities available under the ERPNext Education domain to go through after this introduction


1. Setup

  1. Program

  2. Course

  3. Topic

  4. Instructor

  5. Room

  6. Student Category

  7. Academic Term

  8. Academic Year

  9. Education Settings

2. Student

  1. Student

  2. Guardian

  3. Student Log

  4. Student Batch Name

  5. Student Group

  6. Student Group Creation Tool

3. Admission

  1. Student Applicant

  2. Program Enrollment

  3. Program Enrollment Tool

  4. Student Admission

4. Fees

  1. Fees

  2. Fee Structure

  3. Fee Category

  4. Fee Schedule

5. Schedule

  1. Course Schedule

  2. Scheduling Tool

6. Attendance

  1. Student Attendance

  2. Student Attendance Tool

  3. Student Leave Application

7. Assessment

  1. Introduction

  2. Assessment Criteria

  3. Assessment Group

  4. Assessment Plan

  5. Assessment Result

  6. Assessment Result Tool

  7. Grading Scale

8. Tools

  1. Student Attendance Tool

  2. Assessment Result Tool

  3. Student Group Creation Tool

  4. Program Enrollment Tool

  5. Course Scheduling Tool

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