Program Enrollment

Program Enrollment is the record of enrollment of a student in a given program and chosen courses for a particular Academic Term.

To ensure that students are associated with a particular program in the system, their Program Enrollment must be created. The mandatory course in that program is automatically filled in the Enrolled Courses table while the elective or optional courses can be selected manually.

If the student has applied online for the admission in a particular Program and the application is approved, then the Program Enrollment can be created from within the Student Applicant record via clicking on the Enroll button. Checkout Student Applicant for more information on this.

To access Program Enrollment, go to:

> Home > Education > Admission > Program Enrollment

1. Prerequisites

Before creating a Program Enrollment, it is advisable that you create the following first:

  1. Student
  2. Program
  3. Student Category
  4. Student Batch
  5. Academic Year
  6. Academic Term
  7. Course
  8. Fee Structure

2. How to create a Program Enrollment

  1. Go to Program Enrollment List and click on new.
  2. Select the Student whom you are getting enrolled in the program.
  3. Select the Program under which you are getting the student enrolled.
  4. Enter the Academic Year for which the student is getting enrolled.
  5. The Enrollment Date for the form would by default be set on the current date, the same, however, can be changed if needed.
  6. Save and submit.

    Program Enrollment

2.1. Additional Options while creating a Program Enrollment

  1. Student Category: Select the category if the student belongs to a particular student category.
  2. Academic Term: Select the Academic Term.
  3. Student Batch: Select the batch if the student belongs to a particular student batch.
  4. Student House: Select the House if the student belongs to a particular student house.
  5. Boarding Student: Check this if the Student is residing at the Institute hostel. In this case, the fee structure would accordingly be updated.

    Program Enrollment

3. Features

3.1. Transportation

Select the mode of transportation for the student to and from the Institute and the Vehicle Number.

3.2. Enrolled Courses

Select and add the courses which the student has opted to study during the course of the program.

Program Enrollment

3.3. Fees

Select and add the Academic Term, Fee Structure, Student Category, Fees Due Date and Fees Amount to be paid by the student for the enrollment to the course.

Program Enrollment

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