Student Log

The student Log will act as a Student Diary, wherein, all their logs and other notes can be recorded.

A student log can be used to record the student's performance in General, Academic, Medical or Achievement terms.

To access Student Log, go to

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1. Prerequisites

  • Student
  • Academic Year
  • Academic Term
  • Program
  • Student Batch

2. How to create a Student Log

  1. Go to Student Log List and click on New.
  2. Enter the Student ID. The moment you do this, the name of the student will automatically be fetched.
  3. Save.

    Student Log

3.1. Additional Options while creating a Student Log

  • Type: You can enter the type of the Log that is being created for the student. A student log can be a General, Academic, Medical or Achievement log. Following are some examples wherein you can make a log for the student:

    • General: If the student was extremely well behaved during the entire day or if they were sleeping during the class.
    • Academic: If a student gets a full score in a surprise test, or if they get a very bad score.
    • Medical: If the student was found not having their lunch, or if they complained of some other medical issue.
    • Achievement: If the student scored a goal for the team in a football match.

      Student Log

  • Date: You can select the date on which the log was entered.

  • Academic Year: You can select the academic session for which this log is being made.
  • Academic Term: You can select the term in which this log is being recorded.
  • Program: Select the Program under which the student is enrolled.
  • Student Batch: Select the batch of which this student is a part of.
  • Log: This field will have your note of log for the student.

    Student Log

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