Admins can create badges with rules in the learning system. When a user completes the actions defined in the rules the badge gets assigned to them.

There are 3 types of events on which badges get assigned to learners. Let us understand them with examples.

Assign a badge when a learner completes a quiz

You can assign a badge to learners when they complete a quiz. Each time a learner submits a quiz, a new record gets created under LMS Quiz Submission. So this is your event to assign the badge.

Screenshot 2024-06-06 at 5.32.27 PM

So when creating a badge for this, you enter a title and description for the badge. You also attach the badge image.

Then you select the Event as New and select the DocType on which this rule applies. As this badge would be assigned on quiz submission, you select the DocType as LMS Quiz Submission.

You can also add a specific condition to it. For example, we want the badge to be assigned only if the learner gets 100% correct answers for a quiz.

Then you select the user who should receive this badge. In most DocTypes of Learning, the learner is scored in a field called Member. The same is true for quiz submission. So we select the user as Member.

Once you have entered all this information you save the document. Now each time a learner submits a quiz and scores 100% they would be assigned this badge.

If you want this badge to be assigned to the learner only once and not each time they submit the quiz, you enabled the option Grant only once.

Assign a badge when the user completes a course

To create this badge the rules would be a bit different.

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