Frappe Learning is an easy-to-use learning system that helps you bring structure to your content. Create structured courses with diverse content types like videos, quizzes, and assignments.

You may be an educator wanting to create courses for your school or college, or an organization wanting to have courses on internal knowledge transfer, Learning can help simplify the process. You can also conduct live batches to make the learning experience interactive.

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What can you do with Frappe LMS

📚 Create and share online courses with your target audience.

📝 Create interesting and interactive lessons in the form of text, videos, quizzes, etc.

💬 Solve queries of your students using the discussion section.

🏛 Group your students into batches to track their progress better.

💻 Conduct live classes by integrating your zoom account with the LMS.

❓ Assess your learners with quizzes and assignments.

📞 Manage slots of evaluators and receive automated invites for evaluation calls.

📈 Keep a watch on important numbers like signup and enrolment count using the Statistics Dashboard

💼 Help your students find career opportunities using the Job Board.

Who can use Frappe LMS

🚀 Organisations wanting to train their employees internally

🚀 Company’s wanting to train their users about their products

🚀 Schools and Universities who wish to have their study material available online for their students.

🚀 Entrepreneurs/Freelancers/Influencers who want to share their knowledge and experience with others out there.

Platforms using Frappe LMS

Get Started

  • Setup your account

  • Create a course

  • Add a chapter

  • Add a lesson

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