Assignment Rule

Assignment Rules automate the process of assigning leads and deals to specific agents based on predefined conditions. This streamlines your workflow and ensures leads and deals are directed to the most qualified agents for faster resolution and improved customer experience.

Creating an Assignment Rule

  1. Navigate to Desk: Switch to the desk view by clicking the profile button in the top left corner and selecting "Switch to Desk."

  2. Access Assignment Rules: Open the "Assignment Rule Master" and click "Add Assignment Rule"

  3. Define the Rule: Fill in the following mandatory fields:

    • Name: Give your rule a descriptive name for easy identification.

    • Document Type: Select the document type to which the rule applies (Lead or Deal).

    • Assign Condition: Define the condition that triggers the assignment using a Python expression. This expression determines which leads or deals meet the criteria for automatic assignment. (Note: We'll explore Python expressions in a separate section.)

    • Users: Choose the user(s) to whom leads or deals meeting the condition will be assigned.



Assignment Rules offer three rules for assigning leads and deals:

  1. Round Robin: This method distributes leads or deals evenly among the selected users. Each user receives one assignment at a time, and the cycle repeats once all users have been assigned.

  2. Load Balancing: This method assigns leads or deals to the user with the least workload, ensuring a fair distribution and preventing any single user from being overloaded.

  3. Based on Field: This method assigns leads or deals based on the value of a specific document user field. For example, you can assign leads based on the "Territory Manager" field, ensuring leads from each territory are directed to the "Territory Manager" of that territory.

Understanding Python Expressions

Python expressions are powerful tools for defining complex assignment conditions. They allow you to leverage various operators and functions to create rules based on specific criteria.

For example:


territory == "India"

This expression assigns leads or deals only if the "territory" field equals "India".

While Python expressions offer flexibility, basic understanding is recommended. We recommend consulting the Frappe documentation for detailed information on Python expressions.

Additional Fields

Assignment Rules offer additional fields for further customization. These fields are generally self-explanatory and allow you to fine-tune your assignment logic.

By effectively utilizing Assignment Rules, you can significantly improve the efficiency and organization of your lead and deal management process.

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