The comment feature allows internal communication and information sharing related to leads and deals. It facilitates collaboration among agents by providing a dedicated space to discuss, track progress, and share details.

Key Features

  • Internal Communication: Engage in discussions with other agents regarding leads and deals.

  • Mentions: Use the "@" symbol followed by a username to notify specific agents about important updates or require their input within a comment.

  • Information Storage: Store relevant details about the lead or deal within the comments section for easy reference. This can include notes from conversations, action items, or crucial milestones.

Add a Comment

  1. Locate the "Comment" button at the bottom on the Lead or Deal page.

  2. Enter your comment in the designated text box.

  3. To mention a user, type "@" followed by their username. A dropdown menu will appear with matching usernames for ease of selection.

  4. Once you've crafted your comment and included any necessary mentions, click "Submit".

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