Stay informed about important activities within your CRM system using the Notifications feature. This page serves as a central hub for all your CRM-related alerts and updates.

Accessing Notifications

  1. Locate the Notifications option in the sidebar.

  2. Click to open the Notifications Panel.

Understanding Notifications

The Notifications Panel displays a list of alerts related to your CRM activities. These alerts can currently include mentions in comments. However, future updates will expand notifications to encompass:

  • Task assignments

  • Lead/Deal assignments

Managing Notifications

Within the Notifications Panel, you can perform the following actions:

  • Open a Notification: Click on an individual notification to view the specific comment or activity it refers to. This action will also mark the notification as read.

  • Mark All as Read: Click the dedicated button at the top of the panel to mark all your current notifications as read.

Please Note: The current version of the CRM only supports notifications for mentions in comments. Future updates will introduce notifications for a wider range of activities.

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