Welcome to Frappe CRM documentation. This guide will teach you how to use Frappe CRM. We will go through the basics that’ll equip you to use the product.

Frappe CRM is a Modern & 100% Open-source CRM solution to supercharge your sales operations.

Key Features

  • Views: Tailor your view to display essential information by defining filters, sorting, and columns.

    • Pinned: Pin frequently used views for instant access.

    • Public: You can access pre-configured views with commonly used filters and data.

    • Saved: For easy access later, save your customized view.

  • Email Communication: Send and receive emails directly from the Lead/Deal Page.

  • Email Templates: Create and use email templates for faster communication.

  • Comments: Add comments to leads and deals to keep track of the conversation.

  • Notifications: Get notified when someone mentions you in a comment.

  • Service Level Agreement: Set SLA for leads and deals and get notified when the SLA is breached.

  • Assignment Rule: Automatically assign leads and deals to users based on the criteria.

  • Tasks: Create tasks for leads and deals.

  • Notes: Add notes to leads and deals.

  • Call Logs: See the call logs with call details and recordings.


  • Twilio: Integrate Twilio to make and receive calls from the CRM.

  • WhatsApp: WhatsApp your customer right from the lead/deal page.

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