Notes are a way to capture and store important details about your leads and deals within Frappe CRM. This information can be referenced later to gain valuable context and insights throughout the sales process.

Creating Notes

There are three ways to create notes in Frappe CRM:

  1. Notes List View: The Notes list view is accessible from the sidebar. This provides a centralized location to manage all your notes.

  2. Lead/Deal Page: Within the Lead or Deal page, either from the "New" button in the "Activity" tab or from the "Notes" tab. The notes tab displays a history of all notes associated with that specific lead or deal.

  3. Call Log: While on a call with a lead or contact, you can utilize the "Note" button to capture important details in real time. These notes are then saved within the corresponding call log, allowing you to review and edit them later.

Using Notes Effectively

Notes offer a flexible solution for capturing various types of information related to your leads and deals. Here are some examples:

  • Call Summaries: Summarize key takeaways from your interactions with leads and contacts.

  • Meeting Agendas and Minutes: Outline the purpose and key points discussed during meetings.

  • Action Items: List specific tasks or follow-up actions resulting from your interactions. Later you can create a task out of it.

  • Research and Insights: Document your research findings and insights about leads or markets.

By effectively utilizing notes, you can ensure all crucial details about your leads and deals are documented and readily accessible to your sales team. This fosters better communication, collaboration, and ultimately, higher sales success.

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