Setting Up

This guide will walk you through the setup process for your Frappe CRM after installation. You'll learn how to configure essential elements, import data, and access your CRM portal.

Choosing your deployment option

Frappe CRM offers two deployment options:

  1. Frappe Cloud: Experience a hassle-free setup with Frappe Cloud. Your CRM will be ready to use in minutes, eliminating the need for local installation. link

  2. Self-Hosting using Bench & Docker: For those seeking greater control, self-hosting your CRM using Bench and Docker provides a customizable environment. link

Navigating your workspace

Once you've set up your CRM, you'll land on the Frappe CRM workspace. This central hub provides easy access to all the essential setup tools:

  • Master Data: Manage core CRM elements like Leads, Deals, Organizations, and Contacts. Create and customize these masters to fit your specific sales process.

  • SLA and Assignment Rules: Define service level agreements (SLAs) for timely lead and deal follow-up. Set up assignment rules to automatically assign leads and deals to the appropriate sales representatives.

  • Dependent Meta: Configure additional details related to your masters, such as Lead Statuses, Deal Statuses, and Lead Sources. These help categorize and track progress through your sales pipeline.

Data population

There are two ways to populate your CRM with data:

  • Manual Entry: Manually add data for each master record directly within the system.

  • Data Import: Utilize the framework's data import feature to efficiently import data from Excel or CSV files. This saves time and ensures accuracy.

Adding users

Don't forget to create user accounts from the User Master section. This grants access to your CRM to team members who will be using the system.

Accessing your CRM portal

The "CRM Portal Page" link provides access to your agent/salesperson-facing portal. Here, agents/salespersons can work on their leads & deals, creating a seamless sales experience.

Start your sales journey

With your Frappe CRM set up, you're now ready to manage leads, track deals, and collaborate with your team to achieve your sales goals.

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