Mobile App Installation

Frappe CRM offers a mobile-friendly interface through a Progressive Web App (PWA). This means you can access all the CRM functionalities directly on your phone.

Supported Devices and Browsers

The Frappe CRM PWA works on most modern smartphones and tablets. Here's a quick note about browser compatibility:

  • Android: Chrome is recommended for the best experience.

  • iOS: Safari is recommended.

NOTE: Firefox currently doesn't support PWA installation without additional plugins.

How to Install

Here's how to install the Frappe CRM mobile app on your phone:

Open the App URL:

In your mobile browser (Chrome or Safari), navigate to the following URL, replacing <sitename> with your actual Frappe CRM website address:



If your Frappe CRM site address is, the mobile app URL would be:


Android (Chrome)

  1. On Android, you will get a prompt to install the app on this URL.

  2. If you do not see the prompt, tap on the hamburger menu (three dots), and tap on Install app from the list of options.

  3. Tap on Install, and wait for a few seconds.

  4. You will then be able to find the Frappe CRM app in your applications. You can login to this app with your site credentials.

iOS (Safari)

  1. On iOS, if you're using Safari, tap on the share button shown in the video below.

  2. Scroll down the list of options, then tap Add to Home Screen.

  3. If you do not see "Add to Home Screen", click on "Edit Actions" and you should find the option.

  4. The icon will then appear on your home screen. You can login to this app with your site credentials.

Congratulations! You've successfully installed the Frappe CRM PWA on your mobile device.

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