Pinned View

Pinned View is a handy feature that allows you to save frequently used views and access them quickly from the sidebar.

What are Pinned Views?

Pinned Views are essentially saved views that you've designated for easy access. This means you can create custom filters and configurations for your data, save them as views, and then pin them to the sidebar for instant retrieval.

How to Pin a View

  1. Navigate to the list view: Locate the list view from the sidebar (e.g., a list of leads, deals or contacts) you want to create a pinned view for.

  2. Create or Select a Saved View: If you haven't already, use the filters and options available to create a custom view of your data. You can then save this view for future reference. Alternatively, select an existing saved view that you use frequently from the drop-down in the list view header towards the left.

  3. Access the Pin Option: Click on the three-dot menu (...) associated with the saved view.

  4. Pin the View: From the menu that appears, select "Pin View."

Managing Pinned Views

Once you've pinned a view, it will be displayed in a dedicated "Pinned Views" section within the sidebar. You can access this view with a single click whenever needed.

Unpinning Views:

To remove a view from the pinned section and revert it to a regular saved view, follow the same steps mentioned above. Access the three-dot menu for the pinned view and select "Unpin View."

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