Saved View

Saved Views allow you to personalize your list views by applying filters, sorting, and selecting specific columns. This lets you quickly access frequently used data configurations without having to re-apply them every time.

What are Views?

A View is a combination of:

  • Filters: Specify which data records to display based on specific criteria.

  • Sorting: Arrange the data in a particular order (ascending, descending, etc.)

  • Columns: Choose which data fields you want to see in the list view.

Important Note: Saved Views are personal by default and only visible to the user who created them. We'll discuss making views public in the next page.

How to create a View

There are two main ways to create a View:

1. Default View: Automatic Saving

  • Any changes you make to the default list view, such as applying filters, sorting, or adding/removing columns, are automatically saved.

  • When you return to the list view, your personalized configuration will be retained.

2. Creating a Named View: Saved View

  1. Apply your desired filters, sorting, and column selections.

  2. Click the three-dot menu (...) in the list view header on the left.

  3. Select "Duplicate" from the menu.

  4. Give your Saved View a descriptive name and click "Duplicate."

Your newly created Saved View will be accessible from the list view dropdown menu.

Saved View Actions

The three-dot menu (...) on a Saved View provides additional actions:

  • Edit: Modify the name and set a custom icon for your Saved View.

  • Delete: Remove the Saved View from the list.

  • Pin View (covered on next page): Pin the saved view in the sidebar.

  • Make Public (covered on next page): Share your Saved View with other users.

By creating and utilizing Saved Views, you can streamline your workflow in Frappe CRM and efficiently access the data you need most often.

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