The Deal page is your central hub for managing potential business opportunities (deals) with your customers and prospects. Here, you can track progress, collaborate with colleagues, and close deals efficiently.

What is a Deal?

A deal represents a potential sales transaction your company is pursuing with a customer or prospect. It's associated with specific products or services and reflects the potential revenue you could generate if the opportunity is successfully closed.

After conversion

When a lead shows promise, you can convert them into a deal. This action:

  • Moves all communication history from the lead to the deal page, ensuring a seamless transition for your agents.

  • Automatically creates an organization and contact record associated with the deal.

  • Allows you to add additional contacts to the deal and set a primary contact person.

The Deal page: Your deal closing powerhouse

The Deal page is your one-stop shop for nurturing leads and closing deals. It provides all the tools you need to streamline your sales process and maximize success.

Here's what you can do on the Deal page:

  • Communication Channels: Seamlessly connect with your customers via email or phone calls directly from the Deal page.

  • Call Tracking & Recording: Keep track of call details and access recordings for future reference.

  • Detailed Notes: Capture important details about your interactions with the customer for future reference.

  • Task Management: Create tasks associated with the deal and assign them to yourself or other team members.

  • Collaboration: Mention team members in comments to keep everyone informed and facilitate collaboration.

This centralized approach keeps all deal-related information and activities in one place. You can focus on your customers, close deals faster, and improve your overall sales efficiency.

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