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Public Views are a powerful way to share commonly used filters and layouts with all users in your CRM system. This section will explain what Public Views are, how to create them, and who can create them.

What are Public Views?

Public Views are saved views that are accessible to every user (agent) in the system. They function similarly to your personal saved views, but instead of being confined to your workspace, they become a shared resource readily available to everyone.

When to use Public Views

Public Views are ideal for situations where a specific filter or layout needs to be consistently used by your entire team. Here are some examples:

  • A view that filters lead by a particular source or industry.

  • A view that prioritizes high-value deals that require immediate attention.

  • A view that displays specific customer information relevant to the sales team.

By creating Public Views for these commonly used scenarios, you can ensure everyone has access to the same information and is working from the same perspective.

Who can create a Public View?

Only users with the Sales Manager Role can create Public Views. This helps maintain control over what information is shared publicly within the CRM system.

Creating a Public View

  1. Navigate to the list view: Locate the list view from the sidebar (e.g., a list of leads, deals or contacts) that you want to make public.

  2. Create or Select a Saved View: If you haven't already, use the filters and options available to create a custom view of your data. You can then save this view for future reference. Alternatively, select an existing saved view that you want from the drop-down in the list view header towards the left.

  3. Access the Make Public Option: Click on the three-dot menu (...) associated with the saved view.

  4. Make Public: From the menu that appears, select "Make Public"

This will convert your saved view into a Public View, making it accessible to all users in the sidebar under the Public Views section.

Making a Public View private again

Public Views can be reverted to private views at any time. Simply follow the same steps mentioned above and select Make Private from the three-dot menu.

By effectively utilizing Public Views, you can streamline your CRM workflow, ensure consistency across your team, and improve overall collaboration within your sales organization.

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