Balance Sheet

A Balance Sheet is the financial statement of a company which states assets, liabilities and equity at a particular point in time.

In Frappe Books, you can view the balance sheet for your accounts based on monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly periods.

Navigate to this report from the sidebar: Reports > Balance Sheet

Balance Sheet


The Balance Sheet report has several filters which can help you narrow the date range between which to display the report.

Based On

This allows for toggling betwee the kind of filters used set the date range. It has 2 values:

  1. Until Date

  2. Fiscal Year


This selects the interval for which the Balance Sheet values have to be calculated.

Example setting this to Monthly will display columns on a monthly basis.

Date Range Filters

These filters depend on the value of Based On

Based On

Date Range Filters

Until Date

To Date and Count

Fiscal Year

To Year and From Year

To Date and Count

To Date is the final date until which the report is to be displayed, by default the values is tomorrow's date.

Count depends on Periodicity so if Count is 3 and Periodicity is Monthly then the report will display Balance Sheet columns for the last three months starting from To Date

To Year and From Year

These decide the fiscal year between which the Balance Sheet report has to be displayed. The number of columns will depend on the Periodicity.

Consolidate Columns

Checking this this will sum up all the values for each row and display a single column.

Hide Group Amounts

The Balance Sheet report format displays the group accounts such as Current Assets along with the non group accounts such as Cash and Debtors.

Group account balances depend on the non group account balances under them, group account balances are not directly updated.

So clicking on Hide Group Amounts will display only the non group account amounts making the report a bit easier to read.

Folding Rows

Balance Sheet Folded Rows

Rows in the Balance Sheet report which display group accounts can be clicked to fold all the rows underneath them.

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