Getting Started with Frappe Books

Let’s start applying what we have learned so far by setting up your company in Frappe Books.

If you have not downloaded Frappe Books, you can download it from here

Setup Instance

When you open Frappe Books, you’ll be presented two options: New File and Existing File. If this is the first time you are opening Frappe Books, click on New File.

Now select an appropriate location where you want to store the file and give it a name.

New File

::: tip File Location Frappe Books stores all your company data and transactions on a local .db file on your computer.

You can change the location of this .db file. If you have done so you can find it again by selecting the Existing File option. :::

Now, enter your Business Name, Business Email and Country Information. This will help set up the correct Chart of Accounts based on your country.

Setup Wizard

::: tip Chart of Accounts If you don't find the Chart of Accounts of your country, you can select the Standard Chart of Accounts. :::

Congratulations! You now have a company set up on Frappe Books.

You can now move onto the next step to create some initial entries before you can start recording your invoices and transactions.

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